Rescue Journal

tonights updates

Carol  ·  Sep. 18, 2013

I watched Hilda try to poop tonight...she was trying, nothing was coming out. a twisted bowel came into mind because of her intestinal hernia...luckily it was just a pooh butt plugging her up. she has had a quick but unhappy butt shave and all is well again.

I have decided that pepper is getting the boot out of my room tomorrow. he can move into the computer room and try raising shit with the big boys, it most likely won't go over very well.

I had to go out this evening and it was getting dark when I got home. by the time I got everyone over the frenzied freak out of my return, it was full one got the evening run and Gideon did not get his third dinner bowl...that sucked for everyone. they all had to make due with just quickie pee breaks..oh well, it won't kill them.

chance aspirated yesterday when he suddenly out of no where puked. I have kept him in the playpen in the computer room where I can watch him closely. the last thing he needs is an aspiration pneumonia. luckily he is already on antibiotics for a bladder infection so I think he is out of the woods and can go back to the mp room tomorrow.

I am letting crazy horse sleep on the bed tonight...she has done pretty well except with that little shit pepper and he started it.

max cat decided I was late with their dinner so he hopped on over into the kitchen to hurry me worked.

I just flipped in the last load of laundry for tonight...the 2 puffy beds will have to wait until tomorrow cuz I am tired and want to go to bed now. we made thru another day of not living in paradise. it really has been a tough year so far in 2013. the good news is this year is zipping past so very fast that it should be over really soon...and I can't freaking wait.