Rescue Journal

you know it will not be a fun day

Carol  ·  Sep. 20, 2013

when as soon as you get up, you start weighing options...

pooper scooper or paper towels.

it is a pooper scooper morning and I have not done it yet...first priority is advil to tone down my headache.

one step at a time in a logical order...push back headache then begin the day.,,the advil seems to work better that way.

so today is the real day that the fencing guys come..i was wrong about yesterday. whatever, I am wrong quite a lot.

we have to do some big dog moves around here today..i have been intentionally oblivious to the extent of the pack mentality building among the younger posse dogs. mystic, june, and boomer are bullying andy. they are not hurting him, but they are letting him know he is low man on the totom pole and it is pissing me off.

as soon as my headache is better and I clean up the poop..i am going to seriously start screwing up their view of this world. andy is older, andy has been here longer, andy is special needs...that makes andy far higher up the K9 totom pole to me.

and it is my view of things that counts around here. if a dogs view was so great of the world they would not need to be here.

pack order is usually not an issue here unless I have multiple younger dogs.,..the old guys out grow it, the young guys are too stupid to know it does not work all that well in the long run.

people are kind of the same. we never go very far climbing over the backs of others, we only get so high up before someone else knocks us down.

ultimately....we travel a far greater distance with our feet firmly planted on the ground and that my young, soon to be displaced, k9 friends is called...wisdom.