Rescue Journal

the intro of orion and passat to the house is not going well.

Carol  ·  Sep. 21, 2013

for such very nice cats who get along so well together, they turn absolutely psycho when they are stressed. you have to understand that these two cats are bonded. they sleep together, they groom each other, they rely on one another. but when they are stressed, they turn and attack the other. it is just freaking weird.

we let them out of the room for a bit yesterday but they started to flip out. I let them out again last evening when it was quiet and that too did not go well. but instead of orion beating the crap out of Passat, he jumped the gate and decided to take out odie. so not a very good idea.

I think when they settle, they might be ok if we just do this a little bit at a time...but I am not sure. they are odd little cats and do not seem to think and process things the same as I am used to cats doing.

I will give it another week but then if it still has not worked, I will have to do something different. I cannot leave them in a medical pen for the rest of their lives and I am not optimistic that I will be able to blend them with any of the communal groups so I am not sure what plan B might be...but hopefully I will think of something.