Rescue Journal

ebony passed away tonight.

Carol  ·  Dec. 12, 2013

I found her about an hour ago when I went to feed. ebony has been ill as a chronic URI cat for the last several years since her arrival here. I think she was becoming resistant to the meds as she has been slipping in her URI control these past few months. we were just talking about upping her meds again the other day and seeing if we couldn't get her back track. I didn't see her death coming tonight tho, I thought she still had lots of time left. the problem is I never knew how old she was, just that she was a senior cat.
ebony and chief came from a hoarder...cages and carriers stacked one on top of each other in a dark and airless garage. the cats were living in filth and most were without food and water.

chief and ebony probably did not know each other there, the cats were in separate crates. but maybe they shared and heard each others distress for all of those years.
chief will miss his very best friend and I will miss seeing them curled up together and content with their friend.


I am sorry we couldn't give ebony back her health but I think she did find some comfort and contentment here.

rest in peace ebony, you deserved so much better.



Sorry to hear about Ebony, she was always the first to take over the lap when I sat down ;=(


Sweet Ebony……she was such a loving girl, always up for pets and head rubs….unlike her friend Chief who is a lot more leery….rip dear one and i hope Chief can find a buddy to comfort him

Kevin B

Sorry to hear, it's never easy but at least she passed on her own in a loving home


i am glad that ebony found saints rip what a tragedy for the shitty life that she had but unlike others , she found some happiness in her life.


What a sad, tragic story. I don't know that I met Ebony on my infrequent visits. My heart goes out to Chief, who will feel a terrible loss.

I don't think I associated hoarding with such unspeakable cruelty to other livings things before this, Carol, so thanks for the education. And thanks for helping Ebony ...