Rescue Journal

crash is STILL sleeping

Carol  ·  Jan. 29, 2014

I probably should change and turn him but he is out like a light and I just do not want to disturb him and send his world back into spinning turmoil. I will just keep checking him until he does wake up, then I will turn his world upside down.

I forgot to mention that raven had a fall at bedtime tonight..Dixie was being a hag and he was trying to rush into his stall. just a gentle heads up to all of us that do barn bedtime...both rudy and raven need to be led in on a lead rope and stopped in the alleyway to patiently wait until Dixie's attention has switched back to her feed bowl. then they can be safely led in....she is WAYYYY too full of her bitchy self!

anyway..i think he is ok and I have also been frequently checking on him in the cameras tonight just in case anything changes...but it hasn't so I can quit worrying now.

the computer room is pretty damn crowded now with pens set up for both teddy and crash. I told erin today that we might have to temporarily ditch out the couch. but thank god the 2 new play yards finally arrived. we have 6 in use and STILL no extra "just in case" back ups. these are without a doubt the very best tools we have here for meeting the changing needs of our animals, esp. when someone is sick. they are one of the best equipment investments we have ever made and I highly recommend them.

I am thinking we could use a couple more!

well maybe I should go and grab a couple of hours of sleep since crash is so well settled and quit dicking around on here.