Rescue Journal

learning from harry.

Carol  ·  Mar. 3, 2014

I do not know how to navigate thru the waters of rescue without running into the occasional storm. it would be nice if rescue was paradise, but its not.

but I think it is that willingness to keep going and working towards something more important than simple ease or convenience that maybe counts most.

altho..if rescue was simple and easy..maybe more people would do it!

more than 35 years ago when I was a nurses aide..i met a man in his late 90's. he had been thru both world was a difficult time to be a young man. when I knew him, he quite often forgot where he was and would spend hours searching the facility for his long dead wife...his love and loyalty lasted a lifetime.
some days it was really sad. but some days he would sit and tell us stories of days long gone past. they named a street after him in maple ridge but he never mentioned that. his stories were always about some simple form of honor, respect, and compassion...but he never blew his own horn, he was a wise yet humble man.

sometimes when the going gets tough, I think of old harry and I wish I knew how to be as wise and forgiving as he. maybe it was the challenges in life he faced..maybe it was that he looked honestly at life right in the face and consciously chose what kind of man he wanted to be...maybe he was just lucky and god dealt him all the right cards...but I think it was more than that.

I think harry felt part of something..his family, his community, his country and he felt he needed to do his part in caring for those things. he felt a responsibility to others in living.
maybe when the road gets rocky and my toes get stubbed..maybe I should think more of my responsibility to others than I do to how much my feet currently hurt. maybe thinking past oneself is where wisdom dwells.

rescue doesn't have to be easy for me to do is just something that needs to be done. maybe that is a good place to start from and where I eventually end up doesn't need to be too great of a concern.