Rescue Journal

more little things

Carol  ·  Mar. 31, 2014

man i felt crappy yesterday! i think i feel a bit better today..fingers crossed it sticks.

as soon as the vet opens, i will be calling about bringing babette in.

logan goes in for his neuter today.

and i think i will bump benny out of his vet appointment for tomorrow and shift princess in because the over the counter eye meds are doing diddly squat for her eye infection. oliver is also going in, need to see if there is a medical reason for why he is so very thin. new animals, new vet bills, they go hand in hand.

so my vacation is again officially here and i have so much to do, i am not sure where to start. that's not quite true. i could start anywhere that i want. the problem is..i don't really want to start. i just want to sit this whole vacation out and do nothing.

gawd i am getting lazy in my old age.

is it even legal to have a stay at home do nothing vacation?

hah...not in rescue!

well i think to get myself going, i will have to think in little bits...i will just do this little thing..then i will do this other little thing and see at the end of 7 days how many little things that i actually do. i can't think in terms of big things right now so little stuff will have to do.

first little thing for today?...go and get dressed.