Rescue Journal

earth to hank???

Carol  ·  Apr. 24, 2014

it was a fairly horrid night..hank flip flopped and cried (his whine reached close to screaming levels at times) much of it was true agony and how much was drama king? i can't tell you. but according to hank, and he would be the authority on this..he was suffering BIG TIME! he ended up with about 50 mgs of tramadol in him.,.(way too big of a dose but it was either that or a trip to emerg.) before he finally settled and fitfully slept.

which meant the rest of us could rest....hopefully today is a bit better for him.

super cute...super sweet little boy.

robbie most definitely does not like him..he doesn't like the hormone, or fresh surgical/wound smell...really does not like the whole flip flopping screaming thing either. hope floats they can be friends when hank acts and smells like a dog again.

ok..well i gotta get into work.