Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 5, 2014

i tell ya..these guys are something.

i was pretty pissed off at a few of them yesterday...
andy because he keeps jumping up on my bed to pee on my pillows. this is not like tina who is ancient and occasionally has accidents..this is andy making a choice to get out of his bed, climb up on mine and lift his leg...wanna guess what i think of that? how about going back to the big dog room and me letting june and mystic torment you andy??
i won't but i sure want to!

and then there is robbie..he can look out any corner of either of his eyes and see a full bowl of food...there is no such thing as a food shortage here. so tell me why he has to jump down salty's throat because he tries to eat a piece or two.

apparently our new and sweet little baby pig ginger is a little bugger. kevin told me that little brat ran into ellie's stall today and bit her! ellie was very upset. then kevin tried to introduce her to twosie so they could be friends...ginger's social skills so totally suck that poor twosie thought she was being introduced to a devil pig child!
someone (if she doesn't try to put on some nice) is not going to have any pig friends!

zander is settling in well...he has his happy face on tonight. i took them for an after work run and he has been running and playing with luna because she is a lot of fun to chase. sweet dog.

rudy is just an absolute doll. i am going to do some switch arounds to get him moved into the office. nicole told me it will be critical to have him living in a well air conditioned area before the heat gets here. i will try to get the moves done and that room set up as soon as we can.

oliver 3 is still in limbo in the mp room pen. the staff were far too busy playing catch up to work on getting him into the house.

that doorknob spot is getting at his surgical area despite the cone on his head. he had to go back into the vets today because he has the area all inflamed. when i got home tonight i put a neck collar on in addition to the cone..hope that works to leave it alone. sweet dog but not very bright in the post-testicle surgery part of his brain.

i think that is all of the updates.



Andy! what cheek!

our Billy did something similar when mum was away for one day, overnight. when she came home, he marked her bed, something he had NEVER done! (especially since it's HIS bed, too).

such wickedness!


That was nice, Lynne. Bean was a great dog, she will be greatly missed. I'm so glad you took her and gave her what she so badly wanted, her very own person to love.


i was just thinking about jelly. i got her ashes back yesterday and i was happy at least i had that. i loved jelly for a long time but she seemed to be happy at saints so i took home big bambi then blonde buddy who both really needed a home. i remember when blond buddy passed i went up to take nikki the cocker home. i had full intentionsof doing that but when i was in the kitchen with erin, jelly was in the corner on a dog bed and she seemed very unsettled. i asked erin about her and we both decided jelly needed a home. that day she came home with me. she settled in nicely but i remember when we went for walks she would bolt for the car upon our leaving. i think she was afraid she was going to be abandoned again. how utterly sad for her. it took a few months before she was sure i was not leaving her behind i never had to leash her, she always was right there with me, like dont leave me please she was very protective of her toys snarled when nikki would approach them, and god forbid take one, lol, but she never attacked or bit. she was a very, very good girl who just loved to be with me. what a joy may she find all the dog bones and treats and loves with all her friends that have gone before her. she had such a big heart . i love you jelly and will always be in my heart.


try putting on one of the inflatable ones along with the regular cone.... the ones like toddler pool-floaty thingies. if you set the regular cone inside that he won't be able to move the regular cone around to get at himself.