Rescue Journal

arghh..just a quicky...

Carol  ·  Jun. 4, 2014

i felt like crap today..apparently one should not freeze 3 day old chinese food and then eat it a week later. i was pretty hung over from the gravol for the first part of the day and napped on and off until after 1 pm by which time there were 7 messages on my machine. a couple of them relating to a dog about to be euth'd at 4:40 pm.

he is not dead. he is here.

his name is deisel and he is a 4 yr old unneutered english bulldog with skin and aggression issues. i already have him booked in for a neuter next week, we have started him on hypoallergenic food and we will see how he presents with his aggression issues to come up for a plan for that too.

i just finished watering all the grass areas and our rodent control guy just left after checking the bait stations. i have not seen a single rat on this property for months now and am really happy about that. despite my personal guilt on having to kill rats because i do think the cute little buggers have a right to live. it is a necessity here..they breed too fast and prolifically. but i will tell you what is a good thing...before when the population would get out of control...i would have to murder 40 or 50 rats every few months. now because we are no longer have resident rats freely breeding...there is just the occasional single newcomer rat that meets his death here instead of a couple of hundred a year. i do think that is at least a little kinder in the long run. better not to be born in the first place than to be born just for me to reluctantly murder.

ginger and twosey go into the vets for their spay surgeries tomorrow. i am a bit stressed over it..i hate chasing to catch and crate the poor frightened little babes..and i worry about the anaesthetic risks associated with pigs. i will be glad when it is over and they are both safely home again.

sparky did eventually make it home. he does have a corneal ulcer, probably does not have any vision in that eye and the underlying cause is he doesn't produce tears. he is on antibiotic eye ointment for the infection and cyclosporin drops to help with the dry eye. he will be stuck in a cone until his recheck and suture removal next week. i have to go do feeding and meds.