Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 7, 2014

all i can say about the last couple of days is...not fun.

i had to work overtime yesterday which totally sucked. shep came back from foster for a couple of weeks while his foster dad is working out of town. the problem with this was i never got the first email so we were not set up and ready for him. he couldn't go in with the rabble rousing youngsters, they would drive any poor old dog insane...the mp trial did not work out very well because we have all the dick heads over there, he wouldn't fit in my bedroom and the kitchen was full as well.

so for a temporary fix, the staff had to switch the red couch out of the computer room and move my bed into here. the room is bigger and now could handle having shep mixed in with the bed buddy gang. everyone is doing ok with the long as the bed buddies have a bed with me in it..not too much is going to screw them up. angel is a bit discombobulated...she is blind and it is hard to get used to a new place but i am keeping an eye on her and helping her adjust the best that i can.

conan the barbarian cat is over the moon...oh my gawd, there is a huge bed in here and you are in it too!! it was a long night of his whiskers tickling my face, his fur getting up my nose and him drooling in my ear which is totally gross.

anyway..the switch was a huge amount of work for the staff. today is my job to deal with all of the overflowing laundry baskets of clean "protect the bed at all costs" stuff and get it all sorted and out of the way.

rudy (the horse) sustained a leg injury yesterday...we think dixie might have given him a boot. he is lacerated right to the bone and will need meds and wound care for the next few weeks in order to heal.
twosey is off a bit since her spay surgery and needs a close eye on her. ginger bounced back really quite well but twosey is having a harder recovery time.

hopefully i can fiddle around and tune a few things up this weekend post major shift around and moves....hope floats again i suppose. hoping for a quiet and productive weekend.