Rescue Journal

what to do if...

Carol  ·  Jul. 10, 2014

someone stops by saints and wants to adopt or surrender an animal
someone comes looking for their lost or stolen or cruelty seized animal
they are convinced that little fluffy on the website is actually miss muffet that they gave away on craigs list 20 years ago
they would like to look around
work here
whatever reason someone may just show up here unannounced...

just take their number and i will call them when i get home. if they have an animal with them and the animal appears to be in distress or at immediate me on my cell. if i cannot be reached call the spca.

no one needs to answer any questions or provide any information about anyone or anything pertaining to saints. better to give no info then the wrong info..just tell them you will get the person in charge to call them later today.

its stressful when folks show up out of the blue and need or want something and we are not sure...dont stress. just get their number and let me figure it out.