Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 20, 2014

i got a quick email....jake is doing really well.

also a facebook pic of ted, spot and babes...they all look very happy.


deisel is back already tho...grhh. we spent more than two weeks slowly and carefully doing this intro. he has been going to his new home daily, every day... without issue... so yesterday was the final off you go for good day. last night (FIRST NIGHT!) the little brat got possessive of his new bulldog sister bellas bed and attacked her, nailing the poor thing in the face. he then proceeded to negatively focus on her because he is his own worst enemy, idiot stick. way to blow a perfectly great home may well find yourself stuck here forever.

daisy had her first pond-field runs. she is quite the swimmer. her meeting new human social skills are a bit weak but her meeting new dog social skills are stellar.

thank you to everyone for your greatly appreciated help this week end so i could go to annabelles birthday party.