Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 9, 2014

we did ok around here was sad for all of us. erin and i kind of lost it when she pulled out odie and angels med card and insulin from the fridge and said she guessed we did not need to keep it anymore. never great to start the day with tears.
bottom everyone before them...gerty and angel have left a hole in us here.

new dog in...i got a call a couple of weeks ago from one of the vets...14 yr old chico the chihauhua had been surrendered for euthanization due to needing a dental and tooth extraction that the family were unable afford. i said if the clinic could hold him til the end of the month we would try to fit him in then so the family signed him over. since we lost our much loved twosome yesterday, i guess by rights one of their spots should be available to him so he today he came. he is a very nice little dog and is settling in really well.

we have a couple of the newer cats that are starting to show early signs of an upper resp. virus by sneezing in the mp building. that kind of sucks because we have been able to keep that building viral free for the past several years. but i think since dude came in so ill with upper resp. from another cat shelter and the virus is slipped out of the medical room and into the communal area. oh well, it was bound to happen at some point, but it still sucks. we will deal with it and get them thru it but both buildings are now closed to new cats for awhile. this is the biggest challenge in rescuing cats...they are so susceptible to picking up virus's. cats are way more delicate than dogs in this regard.

each species has their special rescue challenges...cats and their delicate constitutions, dogs with their high maintenence emotional needs, rabbits and chickens really suck at accepting new friends so you have to trick them, goats and sheep like to head bang the new guys for awhile, horses sometimes for no reason, act like hysterical freaks. cows are pretty easy to rescue tho..they are big and physically hearty and pretty much like everybody, new or old...but they do seem to like to strip the bark off my trees.
whatever...they all have something that is not all that easy.

i think that's it for the updates for now.