Rescue Journal

up early on a vacation day

Carol  ·  Sep. 22, 2014

i am going to babysit my grandson.

i did a quicky clean up, made a nice cup of tea and then got saturated by a flinging stainless steel bucket of water that got hooked on to a panicked tia's collar when she went to have a drink.

i said..honestly tia if you had just stood still for one freaking second, i could have gotten it off of you without all of the wet drama.

big sigh. this dog loves me...she watches me like a hawk ready to anticipate my slightest move but as brilliant as she is, she cannot yet speak human and so knows not that this could have not been such a big scary deal. she is just grateful that once again, i was available in her time of need.

lily and toula went off on a two week adoption trial...the computer room is kind of empty without them.

i do not like where raven is laying down in his stall...he does not usually lay down over in the corner, close to the wall...i am going to have to go out and check him if he doesn't get up before i leave....oh he must have heard me. just as i typed this, he got up...maybe he heard my thoughts...maybe he could teach tia something about mind reading!

mika is settling in really well...she likes me quite a bit now and has gone for the runs with the big dogs. AND she really likes the red couch...she is currently sharing it with buddy. she has a very deep husky speaking voice and is wagging her tail and coming to me for hugs and is very happy that she was rescued from that god damn horrible and unhappy life on a chain.. i like her a lot and am happy she was rescued too...big yay for the bcspca!

well..i guess i better get moving..i hear grandma duties calling from about 20 miles away!