Rescue Journal

and in the world of saints...

Carol  ·  Jan. 7, 2015

working on adoption/permanent foster placements for diesel, coda-bear, shadeau and Hollywood. Dixi the JRT also has a possible adoption in the next few weeks in the works. if all goes well, 5 of our saints may have just had their dreams come true in this new year...that makes me really happy!

Dixie the horse kindly kept her bandage intact today..i reinforced it when I got home tonight so it should last until morning. thankfully I am switching to afternoon shifts tomorrow so I can change her dressing, have a meeting at one of our vet clinics, pickup and deliver feed and eye meds to Katie (the 36 yr old horse we have out in boarding) and pick up some other shelter meds etc at pharmacy before I head into work at noon.

I have said all along that rescue is not about heroism or warm and is mostly about hard work and completing necessary tasks. there is a lot of running around to do...a lot of things to do...a lot of thinking, pondering, and problem solving in spare moments through out the day.

the staff want to move little buddy out of the kitchen..he is terrorizing the cats. I can't move him over to the mp room because he will feel abandoned so that just leaves my bedroom and I already kicked him out of there for being a jerk. still I suppose I can take him back there again if I give him a time out pen for when he is bad but erin pointed out that means shep will lose his second favorite bed which totally sucks for shep.

I wish we had a bigger place with bigger and better rooms. and I can wish all I want but that doesn't change what we do actually have which is simply not enough dick head room.

next life I am only taking in nice, quiet and well behaved old dogs...and I will be totally blind and oblivious to the fact that the geriatric grumps and troublemakers will be totally screwed.
in my next life...ignorance will be bliss.

well the bed buddies are waiting..i just finished my supper of homemade blueberry jam on toast which I shared with Robbie, squirt, dixi, agnes and little buddy the dick. two pieces of toast doesn't go very far between friends but it went far enough to make everyone happy I guess.

except....I am still hungry.
oh well.