Rescue Journal

on the long rescue road

Carol  ·  Feb. 14, 2015

the thing about rescue is...we all struggle, the staff, the volunteers.

sometimes we can't sleep just because of the so and so reaching the end of their road? can we do something about it? and if not, can we find what they need to ease this final journey?

is so and so unhappy? or why is someone such a royal pain in the ass? what can we do to improve the quality of their lives?

rarely do any of us ever fall asleep without a reel of worry running thru our heads..unless it is from sheer exhaustion..mental and physical.

but here is the real thing about rescue...the one irrefutable fact...

these animals do not have homes of their own...they do not have families to lovingly carry these loads....they just have us watching their backs.

and we will never be able to do it as well as their very own family can.

so for all of my friends and yes family at saints, this is what I say to you...

it is what it is and we all do the very best that we can and it will never be enough to any of us...

it sucks but it is true.

try not to let rescue eat away at you..we all need to stay strong and whole, there are always more coming who will depend on us..another thing that sucks in rescue but is utterly true too.


moses, copper and bill (2005) rest in peace dear friends.