Saints 5000

Jenn  ·  Mar. 2, 2015

This morning we launched a new fundraising campaign through Facebook to raise $5,000 for upcoming veterinary care. We now have 5,000 Facebook supporters. Woohoo!! A one dollar donation from each of our followers will help us surpass our goal!!

If you are able to donate, please visit our Fundrazr campaign page here:

We are already at 17% of our goal! This live tracker is amazing.

sainst fundrazer
If you don't want to donate via this site, you can mail or drop off a cheque and it will get added to our total.

Please note that in the coming weeks we will also be launching our annual Amazing Raise campaign. If you normally contribute to and collect pledges for this campaign please wait for this instead of contributing to the Saints 5000 campaign since we want to ensure we meet our Amazing Raise goal again this year and that we have a reason to celebrate at the pub night. The Saints 5000 campaign is mostly aimed at getting each of our many Facebook followers to contribute a small amount that adds up to something substantial. It will also provide some much need money for a few specific upcoming vet procedures while we wait for the Amazing Raise money to come in. If you are able to contribute to both of them then hallelujah!