Rescue Journal

positive thoughts needed for seely

Carol  ·  Mar. 20, 2015

erin took her into the vets today for her initial vet check to see what we can do about that upper respiratory issue.

dave found a large mass on her palate..not sure yet if it is a tumor or some weird kind of abcess but it looks like whatever it is, it has descended down from her nasal cavity. she has had xrays which are bone destruction but the consolidation up there could be pus or a tumor. they took a cysto sample and have sent that out to the lab as under the microscope it only revealed red and white blood cells.

she has been started on injectable antibiotics and pain meds, she is comfortable and will remain in the clinic while we are waiting to see if we get a better idea of the true nature of her problem from the lab results.

poor little wee thing.