Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 22, 2015

man..if I could just go back in time to the years of 6-8 rescued dogs in my home, a dozen or so rescued cats and one or two sweet little rescued bed wasn't overflowing, my roomy house and yard weren't overflowing...and more mind wasn't overflowing with non stop brain boggling rescue crap.

when did it all get so complicated? when did the pond ripples and onion layers appear? when did rescue quite simply stop being so simple?

you know what? it didn't.

it is still fairly simple..there is still right and wrong, good and bad, there is still practical and impractical, wasteful and not wasteful, makes sense, doesn't make sense, smart and stupid, there is still a point to some things and no point to hasn't changed. only the volume has changed. the larger we got, the more of everything there was.

simple just got expotentially bigger.

I have said for years that rescue is not rocket science..its basis is just plain good old common sense.

but we live in an age that the more technologically advanced, the more costly it becomes, the more intrinsicly complicated simple things can get, the more we feel it has better value.

we can now do it big and so we shall. even if doing it small works just as well.

I grew up when if you wanted to send a quick note to someone far away, all you needed was a postcard, a stamp, and a pencil.

now you need a computer, internet, and an email address.

a stamp used to cost 16 cents and you could buy 4 picture pretty postcards for a dollar.

now I can search on line for millions of pretty pictures and turn them into a bunch of e-cards.

I miss the old days.

it was simpler, it made more sense and I think the every day ridiculousness was much less.