Rescue Journal

man it is stinking hot!!

Carol  ·  Jun. 27, 2015

I haven't even started barn bedtime yet..too hot for me to work stroke free...too hot for them to get shut in yet.

I did already feed/med/pee break/settle the mp building tho since it is fairly comfortable in there so it won't be so bad once I do get going on barn bedtime, at least half the work is done.

today we put up shade shelters and hung tarps...the big dog room is getting horrifically hot..up to over 90 degrees last night and that's with a large air conditioner and a large powerful fan in there. far too many windows/skylites in there. right now even with the AC and fan going full speed plus the window tarps and shade shelter over the is still 88 in there.

and the turkeys were really suffering today so we got a better shade tarp up for them plus KO set up a more powerful fan.

I am really worried when the temp is supposed to jump higher later in the week...we are barely coping at 34 ...I am so worried once it hits 38+ degrees.

god. I wish it would rain.

all the newbies are doing ok..such a nice group of animals..every single one of them appreciates the thoughtful kindness here.

both cammy and kobi went out into permanent foster homes..yay cammy and kobi...yay jenny and family and yay martin, thx for giving each of these sweet dogs a great home of their own!!!

so note to everyone..all staff and volunteers, be really careful in this heat. keep well hydrated, wear loose cool clothing and hats and take cool down breaks. plus keep a very close eye on the animals that none of them get overheated.

AND if anyone has pets, small children or elderly relatives/friends/neighbors...esp. living in high rise apartments (heat rises) please make sure they are not too hot, have AC and good circulating fans plus easy access to lots of cold fresh water.

no need for anyone to get sick or die in this heat if we all look after ourselves and each other.