Rescue Journal

cross fit in rescue

Carol  ·  Aug. 29, 2015

man, I am tired. too old for walking in circles til midnight and 4 hours sleep.
oh wait..that's rescue right? well yes it is.

I am pretty damn lucky in rescue..between staff and volunteers, i have help 7 days a week. that 7 days help ensures these animals get the care that they need. sure there is a price to, politics, personality conflicts, lack of privacy but absolutely nothing in life is totally all costs someone something....except maybe love.

and here is the can't eat love. love can't keep anyone safe from the rain, the cold winter wind or the burning hot sun. love can't pay the vet bills or hand out the proper pretty much doesn't do anything, except maybe feel good.

love in and by itself is relatively useless.

love has never been enough, at least not in rescue. combined with hard work, meshed with dedication and bonded with positive action, now there is something worthwhile.

so to all those animal lovers out there who do whatever it takes to make sure the animals needs are fully covered and covered really well...good job.

the price might be some lack of sleep, some sore and aching knees. it might be being kind and patient to others when feeling tired and grumpy. and it might be just being nice and calm with the people around me.

because here is the thing about being calm and nice...the animals don't like a bunch of negative energy.
they don't expect me to be mary poppins spreading sunshine out my ass..but they do truly appreciate that I am not an emotional wingnut loaded up with matches and fireworks.

and that is the biggest price in rescue anyone will ever are forever in physical, mental and emotional training to try your very hardest to be the very best that you can.

anyone can do rescue cross fit, even if not yet just hurts quite a bit more.

and yes..the animals are worth it. midnight last night was one of my happiest hours when a 29 year old half blind and goofy horse finally had a poop.

life does not get better than that.
love you rudy...but more than that too.