Rescue Journal

caesar has passed away...thank you lynne for giving him a very special and loving home so near to his life end.

Carol  ·  Feb. 2, 2016

from lynne

I just lost my beautiful saints dog ceasar this morning I only had him for just over 5 weeks but he had lots of love from us he was a very sweet dog who had his own forever home at the end it's getting harder and harder to say goodbye but when u take in old dogs it happens goodbye handsome boy it was not a long time but. a great time rip no more pain sweet boy

rest in peace caesar, you were a truly great dog.

my deepest condolences and a huge hug lynne



RIP great dog. We have missed him at the barn..but knowing he was safe and loved in Lynns heart and home when his time came is very comforting. Big HUGS to Lynn and KO who loved him every weekend with great treats and soft grooming. His spirit is still mucking stalls with us.


Huge big hugs Lynne,he was a very special boy............ sweet dreams Caesar you were sweet, gentle and loving, a huge loss.


OH Lynne, so very sorry...I know you spoiled Caesar with love for his last few weeks....what a gift to him. ...thank you for your big heart.. RIP Caesar....such a great dog


Sorry to hear about your loss Lynne. He was another fav for this cat guy


I'm so sorry Lynne. Ceaser was such an amazing dog and so lucky to have a forever home with you.

Carol A.

It breaks yourheart to lose these grey faces that have shared yoursofa, whether its been a handful of days, weeks or months.
It seems their sheer joy at feeling wrapped in warmth and love shines from those tired eyes and strengthens shaky limbs and suddenly they feel young again!

so sorry or your loss.

Rest softly, Ceasar. you are missed. 💓 🌟🕯🌟 💓


Caesar was awesome. He had his own home at the end, I'm sure he loved that. So sorry Lynne - hugs.

Lenore Henry

I am so sorry Lynne for your loss of Caesar. He was such a sweet and gentle dog. Thank you for loving him....

alyson nerker

Thank you Lynne for taking Ceasar and giving him the much needed love of a forever home.


I'm sorry to hear this sad news. Caesar was such a lovely and sweet boy. Thank you for giving him a caring home to spend his last few weeks.