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chicklet update

Carol  ·  Jun. 6, 2016

still sedated, breathing ok with the sedation. starting to have bloody diarrhea..this is a direct result of the heat stroke and is expected. now it depends how bad the sloughing of her intestines gets...she can handle some sloughing but if it becomes the entire intestinal lining, then she is in trouble. i asked the vet if she was going to make it, he said not to write her off yet, the next couple of days will tell. for now her prognosis is guarded.
oh my god, what a fuck up. please chicklet be strong and get well.

today will not be all about is about mah too. today the vets are coming for the surgery i have been dreading, the amputation of her udder so she can finally have a normal sheep life..i am greatly worried about mah today too.

and it is also about miley... how after months and months of pain, fear, heartbreak, confinement, back breaking work in physically and emotionally supporting her and thousands upon thousands of dollars of medical bills. miley went off to her absolutely perfect home yesterday, there is no doubt in my mind..she will never need us again. we are all so happy for her. but go figure..we miss her and have some adjusting to life without our blonde barking freakshow to do. even a happy loss can still somehow hurt you.

ah fuck..erin just texted me and reminded me that beverly is pretty darn sick right now too. she has been in the clinic over the weekend..something not right going on in her gut since the surgery to remove her non malignant mouth tumor. she will be having an ultrasound tomorrow but our vet says it doesn't look good. and here is the of yesterday afternoon i had totally forgotten to worry about beverly..she went right out of my head til erin sent me the text...she deserves my worry and concern too. shit.

lately it seems every day is filled with some kind of fear, doubt, second guessing, guilt, regret, loss or pain.
rescue is not for is only for the truly insane.



Sending my prayers and love, for Chicklet, Mah and Miley.


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Wow, tough times at Saints right now. Sending prayers for Chicklet and Beverley. Hope Mah comes through her surgery with no problems - it will be so great for her, not having the udder dragging between her legs. Thrilled for Miley - wonderful new life with super nice people (met them on Sunday). Don't know how you deal with the emotional ups and downs every day, Carol - not to mention the financial worries.

Lynne arnason

I hope chick let and mah r okay and I am so happy for Miley she has had such a hard time she deserves her new beautiful life winner all around