Rescue Journal

quick updates.

Carol  ·  Jun. 6, 2017

so i come home from running a couple of quick errnds and who greets me in the yard with a yellow stuffy in his mouth?? enok of the north!

super cute!!!

he is however terrified of ceiling fans...does not like those things whirling above his head. had his first field run yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed that!
he is also cautiously timid around goats..mable staring at him thru the fence totally freaks him out.
this is not surprising, where he comes from there are polar bears, wolves, seals, walrus', muskox, and there aren't many goats hanging out in the very far north so it makes sense that he hasn't a clue what the weirdo thing staring at him is up to!

we are slowly bringing zander's blood sugars down..he is feeling better..brighter and perkier, he was even playing briefly with toys. he has lost 22 pounds since feb and needs to put a good chunk of that back on. but for now even tho he is certainly not healthy yet, he is feeling a bit better so that is good.

lots of work going on out here, the volunteers have been amazing!
special shout out to mo, doug and sheila who have been slogging it out here every single day!!!

conan goes in for his dental tomorrow.
kyah goes in for a check on her sore leg.
enok has his first vet assessment tomorrow too, hopefully we can get him neutered soon!

i think that is all of the news.


shelagh f

Enok was looking very hard at the ducks today too, on our little
walk. Everything is so new. He definitely could pull a sled. He
is a strong boy. Glad he was overwhelmed at the airport, or we
might have been in trouble