My Story

Alex came to SAINTS in 2019, after a long rescue journey all the way from California. There, he had been saved from a grim shelter life, and brought up to Canada to be adopted. Which he was! Alex found a new home immediately, with a kind person who was seeking an easy companion animal.

Unfortunately, due to Alex's troubled and very confusing past, he turned out to be not so easy for that first new home up here. After inflicting some reactive bite wounds on his new person, who was trying to remove him from a barking situation, Alex found himself at SAINTS.

In his time here we have learned that Alex can be a little bit difficult, if there are lots of other dogs with whom to compete for attention. On his own though, he is a wonderful little soul and such a good boy.

Alex needs a lot of emotional reassurance and affection, and at SAINTS he receives both in spades from our staff and volunteers. He would like to give home life a try again sometime though, but he's welcome here with us until that one special person or persons come along.

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Poodle Maltese Mix Small Male Adult White / Cream Curly Coat Spayed / neutered