My Story

Meet one of our three newest Saints!

Tragedy struck this family. An untimely death led to these cats needing somewhere to go. Somewhere safe, where they could be cared for, loved, and stay together. This is a tall order for any age, but at 20 and 16 years old, near impossible. There was a fourth cat in this family but sadly he didn’t make it, he passed shortly after his owner. We vetted these three right away, just in case at their ages there were concerns. Getting them medical care immediately ensures they are beginning their new lives with us feeling as good as possible.

Sixx (female, solid grey), is 20 years old. She has some arthritis and an active mouth infection. Zephyr is 16, he is the orange tabby. He likely has significant health issues, we will wait for test results then make a medical plan for him. Gypsy the tortie is Zephyr’s sister and for 16 is in excellent shape. These three cats are friendly and happy and were definitely well loved.

Welcome all!