Rescue Journal

Separation Anxiety

Alison  ·  Aug. 4, 2006

Mine, not theirs! Today I started my new job, a rotating 12 hour day/night position. No more popping in on my lunch break to check on everyone and do a few quick things. This was a full 13 hour day away, and I did not like it! I like the new job alot, just not the time away. Anyway, they seemed to manage just fine with Julie and Eva. And some unknown fairy godperson snuck up and cleaned the barn so I didn't have to do that when I got home either. I took the dogs for a run and scooped some field mines, fed the barn guys and put them all to bed, ran thru a couple of loads of laundry, so now there is just meds and bed. Looking at the larger picture, it was a pretty easy day.

But I missed them! I think we have a co-dependency problem. Ok, maybe they don't, but I do. Funny how these guys just creep inside of your soul. Not a single woodling yodel from Cole today, no Peter squawking at my feet to get picked up and carried around, Jack was not bounding and falling over to get at some of my lunch, there was no Potato-Ed alternating between raging at an unseen enemy and carrying around his silly John Deere tractor toy, silent was the sound of Cedric's chattering teeth, not once did I have to move my tea away from drooly Pops with his deadly aim and Michael the troll with his grumpy complaining was missing through out my day. I suppose eventually I will get used to it, but I am not sure that I really want too. When the Saints, come marching in, they quite simply take you right over and you are never the same again.