Rescue Journal

Welcome to SAINTS!

Alison  ·  Aug. 4, 2006

Hi everyone

My name is Carol and I am the primary live-in caregiver at SAINTS. I wanted to welcome you into our circle and to take a moment to introduce you to the human caregivers of the animals of SAINTS. I work outside of SAINTS as a nurse in a hospice unit. Here, at the sanctuary, I do a little bit of everything except anything that involves power tools, computers or paper. I am not very good at any of those.

We have two part time staff members, Julie and Eva, who care for the animals while I am at work. Julie is a graduate from a vet assistent program and is an aspiring writer. She is great with all the animals but is especially connected to the cats. Eva is a retired nurse, an active cheering squad for her two grandsons, and is our resident bunny expert. Eva feeds the dogs brownies and lemon tarts, they love her!

We have a handful of incredibly committed, creative and caring volunteers. Mo helps out in any area that needs a hand, organizes our work parties and has an extensive horse background which is invaluable in our barn. She has a real knack at scouting out deals and donations for needed sanctuary supplies and is in love with more of our animals than i can count. Kathy has a long history of working with non profit animal shelters and has been one of the driving forces in realizing the dream of SAINTS. She can wield a mop or chair a meeting and organize the rest of us into action. Kathy is currently trying to convince her other half that Jack would make a great addition to their family. Sheila is our front line single army of neccessity, she keeps our finances and our paperwork in line and on track and manages to keep all our bits of paper from turning into a nightmare. Leila screens and counsels potential adopters and fosters, assists the public with dog behavioral problems, and is a real resource to us in understanding and meeting the needs of our dogs. Leila and Sheila are sisters and a permanent foster home for Luke. They have fostered and socialized and found appropriate homes for the occasional set of puppies that comes into our care. Nicole is our webmaster, animal massage/TTouch person and the dogs favorite liver brownie provider. In the fall she is hoping to be able to invite her very special saints, Honey and Ozzie to come and live with her. Jean is Copper's personal slave, our resident handy-person, dog walker, poop scooper and our soon-to-be grant application writer. I am trying to convince her that she really wants to foster Potato-Ed but she isn't falling for it. Finally there is Samantha, who volunteers her time and expertise to come to our sanctuary and groom horribly matted, newly admitted animals within hours of their arrival, never do they wait a moment longer than necessary to feel that first blessed moment of freedom from the discomfort of tangled and tightly pulled matts. Sam is their first clue, that here at SAINTS, their comfort comes first.

The intent of this Blog is to allow those who are interested, the opportunity to share with us the joys, the sorrows, the laughter and the tears of rescue. You can journey with us thru our triumphs, witness our confusion when we lose our way, and share our grief when we lose a special friend. SAINTS is about real life, real hope, real fear and alot of faith. Most importantly, SAINTS is about the animals. Each time one of our animals touches a heart or a soul, they have purpose and value. And that is really what SAINTS is all about. Thank you for joining us.



I'm so glad you are up and writing Carol. I look forward to your continuing tales and keen sense of observation on life. I also look forward to various of your other room mates writing about their take on life at SAINTS. Is Mr. Potato Ed making up to Jean as part of an elaborate escape plan to get to that donkey? Etc. Love to all of you and yours! Cynthia and the Brat Pack.


Hi Carol:

I can't wait to read as you write. There are many miles between us but your escapades and written words make it seem like I'm right there. Good luck with your new JoB!!!!!