Rescue Journal

A crises is only a crises if you have the energy to get hysterical

Alison  ·  Aug. 5, 2006

Another thirteen hour day and I am tired as I pull into the driveway. The donkeys start braying, the sheep are baaa'ing, the dogs begin barking and everyone is trying to say "hello? we need you," all at the same time. Tough, I want a shower and to change my clothes, and then they can all have me. Except, no shower. The note that greets me on the erasible board says, "the well ran dry", oh...I guess that means we have no water. How exactly are we going to take care of, hydrate, do laundry and mop up after 60 leaky and thirsty animals, with no water? My not-going-to-happen shower pales in comparison. I am too tired to deal with this tonight. I check everyone's water bowls and buckets and they are all 3/4's full, I look at the pile of laundry waiting, and tomorrow I will make my very first trip ever into a laundrymat. Jean has kindly left a number on the board for a water hauling company and I will phone them in the morning. I do hope they work on a sunday. Thank goodness for small favors because tomorrow I am on a day off and will have lots of energy for freaking out. But for tonight...I will take the dogs for their run, feed and put the barn animals to bed, eat that yummy dinner that Eva so generously made and left in the fridge, play find the ball with blind little Ed, and maybe, since i don't have to do laundry, I might even watch some TV with the guys I have missed so much lately. Sounds like not a bad night after all (atho tomorrow may be a different story all together.)



Oh Lord, Carol - it never rains but it pours. How you keep going some days, I just don't know. I hope you weren't without water for more than a day. Terribly embarrassing to turn up for a 12 hour shift smelling of ... how can I phrase this? ... eau de barn yard combined with piss de pussy and poop de puppy. There are many days when I wish I lived closer to help you out and then there are days when the commute seems an insurmountable barrier and I's happy that I can't just jump in the car and try to help out, despite my ineptitude with all things barnyard. I guess after my ankle surgery, I'll not have as many excuses. LOL

PS Keep your chin up kid, unless of course it needs washing. :) Jean - check her before she leaves for work if you happen to be over. ;)