Rescue Journal

Rainy morning

Alison  ·  Aug. 10, 2006

I love the rain, it means the grass might get some green back, the well might get some extra water, the flies have gone somewhere, i don't know where, but as long as it isn't here, I am happy. I took the dogs out with me to clean the barn...the ones who actually have a brain, I let go to run and swim and do their own thing, but Tally, I kept with me. He was happily scarfing thru the sheep stall when the donkeys slipped under the chain barrier and barged right in. I was in the next stall and went running to get to him before Winston. Just as I came thru the door, Winston turned around and positioned himself perfectly and whacked Tally in the head. I was mad. It was such a premeditated and unprovoked act and Winston took one look at my face and ran back outside. He KNEW he had been busted and better disappear. Sweet Jenny, who wouldn't hurt a fly, decided she better disappear too. Tally stood there, somewhat stunned from a whack he didn't deserve. As i knelt down in the stall to check him over, I feel a brush against my knee and a woof of breath above my shoulder. Frodo and Carl were with us to see if all is well. I call the rest of the dogs in and put them back in their yard and went looking for a certain jerky donkey. He was eating his breakfast, looking innocent. I told him that was my dog he just kicked in the head and that was my barn he wanted into so badly and if he ever even thought to do that again, he would never see the inside of that beloved barn again. Winston is no dummy, he may not have a clue at what I was jabbering about, but I think he caught the gist of my message loud and clear. Leave it to a self-centered brat of a donkey to wreck a perfectly peaceful rainy morning.



That Winston!!! He is one stubborn, determined donkey when he wants to get into the barn. I hope Tally is okay - can dogs get delayed concussions the way people can, from a bonk on the head?
So sweet that Carl and Frodo came over the check on you!