Rescue Journal

Who the heck is Julie?

Alison  ·  Aug. 11, 2006

Most peoiple who come here don't know who Julie is, and if they do know who she is, they don't really know her, which is such a shame. Julie is really the loveliest cat in the world. She came to us three years ago, before SAINTS was more than a dream. She was a traumatized senior cat who was self mutilating because she just could not deal with the stresses in her life. It has been such a long, frightening road back for her, but here in her little world, she is whole again. Julie mostly lives in the bedroom, she occasionally ventures out into the kitchen, and she frequently hangs out in the bathroom because she likes to sit in the tub and watch the faucet drip. She patiently waits through out the day (and now sometimes throughout the night, depending on my work schedule) for me to go to bed. And those are the moments that she shines. She gently pats my face to remind me that this is now her time and when I finally settle to fall sleep, she climbs up on my hip and joins me. Julie is a sensitive cat, she is sweet and innocent and kind. She does not know how to deal with the harsher realities of life except to hide or hurt herself and wait. I cannot honestly say that I ever did anything to help Julie find her place in this world except to accept her as she is. And sometimes that is all that any creature needs to find themselves when they are lost, just a little bit of time, a little bit of patience, and a little bit of kindness. Such small things really and yet so very hard for most to find.