Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Aug. 13, 2006

Denise came out from one of the local pounds with her family to drop off food and bedding. Moses and Ozzie both came from there. They were happy to see them, altho Oz wouldn't stop pacing around with her stupid stuffy in her mouth for the first few minutes, I think she was afraid one of the kids would take it...they have their own, better toys Oz!!! Anyway, she finally figured out the kids were more interested in Saul, Rocky and the cats than they were in her soggy bear, so she relaxed, laid down for Denise to give her the required belly rub. Denise told me that the place where Ozzie came from, have gone and gotten themselves a new puppy. This makes me sad. Ozzie did not have a very good life with them, she was a dirty matted outside dog, in alot of pain from her dyplasia and underweight;. I hope they have learned from their mistakes with Ozzie and will care for the puppy well.

After they had gone, i decided to make my dinner. Little sainted dogs are a pain. Most of them are deaf, a good portion of them are blind and some of them are varyingly demented. But every single one of them can smell and identify a grilled cheese sandwich. They flipped into drama queen mode in their attempts to secure some for themselves. Out of a full sandwich, i think I ended up with like 1/8th of it. Plus, they gave me a headache with all their squealing, wailing and caterwauling. At least the big dogs just sit and stare and silently drool. I swear one of these days i am going to just eat my dinner in the garage.

Jean was here today poop and scooping and walking that dastardly fat beagle. She casually mentioned tomorrow she might come up and give Pippa a bath, ha ha, that was an open door. I slyly noted that Jack, Buddy and Sissy needed one too! I am as much an opportunist as the dogs, thank goodness I am working tomorrow or I might actually have to help. Bathing dogs is one of my most least favorite things to do, they always look so pathetic and betrayed. Jean can be the bad guy, when I come home, I will pretend I didn't know and will be sympathetic for their trauma of the day, and they will think I am nice!

Poor Eva worked her buns off today, apparently the dogs were pooping and peeing for entertainment, you should see the pile of laundry tonight. She said she washed every floor at least twice but she had fun with them all while she was at it. Jazz has developed a velcro attachment to her, and Bill gave her grumbling heck when she needed him to move so she could change his blanket. She wanted to know how come Bill got to be the boss and give her heck? It is by virtual of his seniority I guess.

Mo cleaned the barn both today and yesterday, those stalls are way cleaner when she does it. I have no idea how she manages to get all those tiny little flattened poop balls, they just sift right thru the prongs on the fork with me. Whenever Mo cleans the barn, I like to stand in there for a few minutes and savor the look and feel of a really clean and tidy barn before I let the beasts in to wreck it again. Now I have to wait til next weekend before it looks that good again. I was bugging her today tho, because Spritely poops in her feed bowl about three times a week, two of those days are ALWAYS when Mo is coming. I think Spritely is leaving her a little spritely spirit train welcome back present. I bet she is really trying to help Mo by keeping her stall floor a bit cleaner so Mo doesn't have to work so hard!

It was a good day today, all is well, the animals are all alive and were well cared for and another day is finished with the help of good friends.



I'll give lesson to anyone who would like to come out & experience the theraputic outcome of poop-scooping. If there isn't enough poop in the stalls... yes... we can sometimes count on Spritely to leave a deposit in her corner feeder, and if that doesn't do it... we have fields that have enough poop you can really let your mind wander & sort out all of life problems... well O.K. not all, but some.


I can't wait to get back there, Mo promised to give me lessons on barn cleaning, she does make it look sooooo easy doesn't she?! Wouldn't a pooper scooper and broom work better than those darn prong things for the itty bitty poops :) hmmmm, maybe I'll find me a farm here and practise before I come


if you can bath twenty some odd dogs in a day, it will be well worth the hundred bucks to pump in another thousand gallons of water into the well....take pictures of you trying to wash the incredible white hulk...saul alone will drain the well so do him last and have fun...i love my job, esp. tomorrow!


Hmmmph - maybe I'll just bath so many dogs that the well will run dry again, Carol! That'll teach ya to be an opportunist!