Rescue Journal

Crap! we just ran out of water again.

Alison  ·  Aug. 14, 2006

Why does it always go dry when I want to shower? I have to work tonight and I don't WANT to go to the laundrymat tomorrow!!!!! someone please shoot me.



we have water you guys know that it is off duty, moonlighting fireman who bring us our much needed water? do you think we could do a rescue calendar as a fundraiser featuring our thirsty seniors and their water weilding saviors? their real life fundraising calendars sell quite well, maybe this one would too. either that or i was thinking of one of those naked calendar girls ones except instead of flowers, you guys could hide the interesting parts behind a horse or a cat. sorry i can't join you, i am pretty sure it is against the ethical standards of off duty nurses. i used nicole's camera the other day and got a great shot of her butt, so i can take the picures if she will let me borrow it again.


Somehow that someone so surrounded by liquids everywhere has none to shower in is rather ironic.... :)


I told you I would drain the well bathing all those dogs, Carol!
(Well, I tried to be very conservative with the water...honest, I did ..but if the dogs hadn't splashed as much on me as they did, you might have enough for your shower!)