Rescue Journal

A funny story about Carol ... or maybe only funny to me

Sheila  ·  Aug. 15, 2006

This story cracked me up only after I really got to know Carol.

After meeting Carol a couple of times, I had volunteered to do her paper work for her. At our first meeting, where she arrived with a blue recycle box full of paper that had strange stains on them (but her filing system is another story)she had decided I should first give out tax receipts to everyone who had donated to her. She had sometimes photocopied the cheques she had received and sometimes had not. So she gave me her deposit book and I used the internet phone book to look up names that I didn’t have addresses for so I could send out tax receipts. Thank god there were no John Smith type names. I came to the name Mo Stead who didn’t have a copied cheque. I asked Carol – who is Mo Stead (thinking it was a guy as in Larry, Curly and Mo) and she said to me with a dead straight face I don’t know. She, days later, eventually remembered and said oh that’s a volunteer that comes once a week or regularily. I assummed Carol had a ton of volunteers from that comment. Well maybe not a ton but maybe ten.

I eventually met Mo (who I always call Maureen because I think I thought Mo was I guy for so long I couldn’t bring myself to call her Mo) And then after meeting Mo a few more times I realized Mo was Carol’s first volunteer and was for quite a few months her only volunteer. It just cracks me up that when she heard a stranger say Mo’s name she didn’t know who it was. It is sooooo Carol.

On a side note I ended up giving Maureen a copy of the tax receipt I had written for her. Carol had said to not worry about an address and to just give her the tax receipt and she would give it to this man named Mo (because Carol never referred to the volunteer as a he or a she) Maureen couldn’t remember if she had lost it or Carol had not given it to her. Well Maureen doesn’t worry … Carol didn’t give it to you. In January or February of this year I found it in amongst the crumbled paperwork that Carol gave me.



hey, i thought i was slightly better at the paper piling this year...i actually got new dollar store glasses just so i can read the receipts...that is why i like don't need glasses to see them, and they don't need a paper trail to prove they really exist, you just touch them to prove that. i figure since mo is just like me, and mo is so great, i must be great too and paper anything is just too easy to lose, or get drooled on or fly out an unsuspecting open van door (not telling you i just accidently lost a feed receipt last week)keep up the good work sheila!!! the animals REALLY need you and so do I!


Carol: How did you think I said the name Mooo Steed.
Or maybe you thought it was all one word. Mostead?
Okay that was it wasn't it. It sounded foreign when I said it. Hey you do say your last name like stead that rhymes with bread don't you Maureen?

Maureen: I'm not going to even ask how you left the tax receipt behind and it then got into Carol's stuff.
Oh yeah Carol just dumps every little bit of paper work she has into a pile. She even gave me retail receipts for her cigarettes. I don't think I will do your paperwork Maureen (I have seen your car - you really aren't that far from Carol) The good thing is a can still give you a copy of the 2005 tax receipt and you can use it for your 2006 return.


Well just to keep the record straight... Julie was her 1st volunteer... in fact Julie & I were like passing ships in the night, I don't think I met her for quite some time after I started coming & about that tax reciept.... I'm pretty sure Carol did give it to me.. & I left it behind... I think I probably even lost the copy you gave .... Hey I have an idea.. will you do my paperwork too ?