Rescue Journal

Isolated incidents

Alison  ·  Aug. 16, 2006

Julie (the person) and I had our first minor disagreement today. She said, "I think Ed is pretty smart"...I said, "no he's not". She said, "he knows sit", I said "he is blind and he jumped out the window yesterday"...note to high rise apartment adoptive homes for Ed.

Chris came all the way from Kamloops to visit yesterday. She is greeat people and we had a wonderful day. She went with me to the vets to take Saul in and pick up Boo. When we got home, I got Saul out of the van and moved him back into the yards. I was ready to move on to something else til Chris said, "are you leaving the cat in the car?"...I said "what cat?", she said, "the one we picked up from the vet?"...oops.

Over the last six years, I occasionally got emails from the little girl whose bed Bill used to sleep on before the family split. She used to say that when she got her drivers licence, she would come to visit. She and her friend came yesterday to see Bill. They did not recognise each other, she had grown up and Bill had grown old. I think it is nice that she has remembered him all of these years and Bill was happy she brought some bacon begging strips because those are his very favorite. Still, I think she was sad when she left.

When I got up this morning, there was a large puddle of brown gawd-knows-what-but -I-am-pretty-sure-I-can-guess oozing around the fridge, yuck. I cleaned it up and went off to work. When I came home again, I saw a little more oozing under there...I was more awake this time and thought further than first impressions. Apparently someone (maybe me) accidently turned down the dial inside the fridge and my fudgiscles decided to melt. The lesson I learned is this: not everything is as it seems, despite past experience.



umm... you had fudgsicles.
i'm going to start checking the freezer now when i come.


That's so sweet that the girl remembered her companion after all these years - I'm glad she came to see Bill, even if Bill didn't seem to remember her. Perhaps she will realize what the term "life long commitment" means and always let it guide her in her adult acquisition of pets. I really believe we have a much better chance of educating and influencing young people than we do their parents.