Rescue Journal

SAINTS welcomes Meimie

Alison  ·  Aug. 20, 2006

Meimie just lost her fourth home and is about to get a new name and a whole new life.Her new name is Melody, Mellie for short. I think she has a lilting song inside of her. Mellie is an 8-9 year old, unspayed pom, who was a less than successful breeder. She was only able to produce 2 single pups in two separate breedings over the years. She a 2 year history of undiagnosed coughing, a large abd. mass, very long nails, increased thirst and urination, and frequent urination in the house. None of these issues have yet been assessed by a vet so Melody will not ready for adoption until our vets have a chance to examine, assess and spay her.

What I see before me is the cutest little cross between a fuzzy egg and a chipmunk, she is adorable and she is lovely. She managing the transition here very well, and has captured the amorous interest of old man Saul (unneutered due to age on the advice of our vet). Melody will remain safely away from the fuzzy, friendly white giant until after her surgery when she is no longer be the least bit interesting to our wanna-be Cassanova.

Animals with histories of multiple homes and the resulting multiple losses, upsets me. It is staggeringly difficult for most animals to spend their lives forever safe in the arms of their one, true, and only family. this makes me sad. Hopefully we can help Mellie to find the absolutely, perfect home where she will be safe and loved forever.



I have several friends that call me Montana, these are older friends & they think because I love the outdoors & orses ( well all animals ) that Mo was short for Montana, so that is what they call me... and that is what I will answer to , because they say it with their heart.


sigh, i have always disliked my name...i wish someone would give me a better one....morgan is cool. (none of your funny french spelling tho)


Well, if i follow your convulted thinking, that means your name isn't really Carol but is something only the heart can hear. I think some cultures (old and ancients ones) believe everyone has 2 names - the name you present to the world and a secret name which divulges who you really are. By the way, the buddhist monks, when the begin training for monks always change their names - to give them a clean slate I guess. I don't necessarily agree with that either cause I think you should keep all of who are with you forever. It is a part of you and who are are, part of your journey so why wipe out. We can all change and evolve even with or despite a name that grounds us to this world. Okay, is that airy fairy enough for you. Yes, you can borrow the book after I read it.


the name of any creature is not in the word that is spoken, it is in the heart and voice that speaks it. i do not how many names melody has been called by in all her many homes, but here until she finds her final home, i want to hear her sing.

sometimes i change their names, sometimes i do not, sometimes when i don't like the names, i add to them, like tricky nicky...i am not all that fond of rocky's name or baby jacks either, or believe it or not...coppers (i could have named him something so much better!!!)...and surprizingly, i have nothing against meimie's, it suits her in a moulon rouge sort of way...i don't know why sometimes i change them and sometimes i don', maybe because i am tired, and sad, or maybe because somehow they tell me to, or maybe to give them a new start, free from all the past, sometimes i change them simply because there is another here with the very same name or they have a name of too many past animals that i will lose track of them if i don't make their names their own (i have had several thousand animals pass through my hands over the years and i like to recall them all when reminded, sometimes i can't, many times i can, a special name all their own helps)...maybe one day an animal will come with a name that i can never share again (like hope's) or maybe, i just can't leave well enough alone...who knows? not me. the nice thing about being human, is i don't have to have all the answers and i can even do things that just feel right for no other reason at all.
how's that for a convoluted, not so simple, making things complicated, answer? i would make a lousy monk. (by the way, can i borrow that book when you are done?)


Welcome to SAINTS Meimie. I have no doubt you have landed in a safe place where you will be valued and loved by Carol and her volunteers. I do have a question or more like a comment for your new mommy though. Something I have always been curious about. Carol, I know you have been doing this for a very long time (over 10 years to my pallatry 4 years of fostering). I find it interesting that you often change the names of the animals who come into your care. I know you have said that you will change the names of the dogs who come from situations that were not good. I have had 16 dogs (of which 5 were puppies) and 10 cats of which 7 were kittens. The majority of these animals came from abusive situations. We never changed any of there names except Morgaine Le Fays because we couldn't remember it and we named Mommy Cat Mommy Cat because she came with no name. I found out Seeger's real name which was Cain (blah). I tried the name and he didn't respond to it probably because his owner called him nothing because he was never with them but on the end of a chain. So I kept the name he was used to. Sheila and I are both totally in agreement that when these animals come to our home, they come with nothing but their names for good or bad. They come confused and worried and unsettled. They only thing they recognize is their name - something they can respond to with familiarity. We feel like we are taking something away from them when we change their name (even if we hate the name - like Butch). I know you change names out of an act of kindness. It is interesting that we both want the animals to feel comfortable and loved but sometimes approach it differently.


Welcome, Mellie!!! I can't wait to meet you. I'll be there tomorrow - with my camera so the world can see how cute you are!