Rescue Journal

The Three Stooges

Alison  ·  Aug. 20, 2006

I get home from work this morning and come into a relatively disaster-free zone, woohoo! It lasted all of three minutes. I let the dogs out for a pee, moved Jazz into the kitchen, set Ed free from his cage once Jazz wasn't in the vicinity to kill him, grabbed Peter off the bed, wrapped Jack who looked cold in an afgan, and quickly cleaned up a couple of easy to fix accidents.

And then it happened...Daisy, Jazz and Ozzie all converged into the same 2 foot space. Daisy to get a drink, Ozzie to have a snack and Jazz to get in my way. Jazz, who sits to prove she is a good and worth noticing rotti, sat right on top of Daisy, flattening her to the floor, Daisy got pissed at Ozzie who she could actually see because Jazz was conveniently out of sight, sitting on her butt, Ozzie relatiated by getting mad right back and both of them were air snapping and flailing around. I pulled the completely oblivious Jazz, who was happy to have my attention, off of Daisy ( helpful of Jazz to be both deaf and blind or else she would have been in the mix like a dirty shirt) just as 5 gallons of water and 5 pounds of food went flying across the kitchen floor. Wet, soggy dog food grosses me out. All three of them decided it was a good time for a nap and found their beds. They are lucky I am in a good mood this morning!



Well the floors nice and clean now after all that water!!! Orla and Fred do that all the time to me. Orla will have this tiny little stick in her mouth and God forbid Fred should get to close she'll take a round out of him. He has no idea what's going on as he can't really see much or hear but he still won't back down. He will give her whatever he can right back even with his little woren down teeth! I have been bitten more than once by reacting and trying to seperate them!!!!!