Rescue Journal

Different perspectives

Alison  ·  Aug. 25, 2006

I was coming home for my afternoon break today when I saw a flock of sheep running down a busy country road. I found the farm they got loose from and together the farmer and I rounded them up and got them home. These sheep were not like SAINTS sheep, they were lanky, and rough and sketchy. These were real sheep as opposed to our self-actualizing sheep who are soft and round and puffy. The farmer was very grateful, he offered me money or a cup of coffeee which I graciously declined. He offered me the use of his ram for free if I wanted to breed our sheep in the spring (which I don't). I thanked him very much and prepared to head on home to check on our not-so-real-sheep, who I can hug and who make me laugh...he grabbed my hand and said if I ever needed any help, I was to come and see him. He was a very nice man.



Hmmm.... I wonder if he does his own shearing? I know of a llama and an alpaca who could use the free services of a shearer.....