Rescue Journal

My Princess(es)

Nicole  ·  Aug. 25, 2006

Tonight I'm bringing Ozzie home to stay over for the night. Last night while trying to fall asleep, I couldn't not think about Georgie. GeorgieIt was 8 months ago yesterday that I lost my princess. 8 months! While trying not to cry my eyes out, I realized it still hurts like I lost her yesterday. (woo hoo, now I'm crying at work)

Two weeks after she died, I found SAINTS. What I found out there gave me alot of peace and comfort and has since filled my life with amazing and wonderful animals (and people). I couldn't imagine what I'd be like if I had never found SAINTS, Carol and everyone else out there.

A friend on mine recently lost her beloved dog, all I want to do is bring her out to SAINTS and try and give her some of the comfort I got from being out there. I think for her it may be too soon, but hopefully someday she get to see the wonder of SAINTS.

While I am chomping at the bit to bring home Ozzie for good, I'm also slightly nervous at having another dog, not saving that space in my heart entirely for Georgie.
So tonight, I'm going to stay at home and hang out with Ozzie, working on life with a dog again. We're going to eat popcorn and watch Supertroopers (something I always did with Georgie). Hopefully I won't burst into tears as I'm sure I'll be the first person to cry while watching Supertroopers.



it went well. we didn't get back to my house until 8pm. As soon as we got into my backyard she flopped over and started rolling back and forth while also eating grass. she's quite talented.
she was farting up a storm at the start of the night, but thankfully she didn't keep going.
she had a tough time with the three steps she had to take to get up to the grass and would run back and somewhat throw herself down them to get back in the house. (she also didn't have any accidents in the house)
i thought she would try and eat my two cats as she's always trying to chase saints cats, but they weren't too bothered by her so she didn't have anything to chase.
in the middle of the night, it seemed like she had a mini panic attack. she normally breathes quite rapidly, but this was really speedy (all i could think was, please do not die right now). She eventually calmed back down and slept until 730.
we had timhortons for breakfast, she got alot of my bagel and spat out timbits.
other than being stressed a bit, i think he enjoyed it. it felt a little weird at the start but nice having a dog in the house again.


That space in your heart will always be saved for Georgie (want an intelligent lookng girl she is). Your heart will/has just grown larger to make more room for Ozzie and the other SAINTS animal. You will be amazed at how many animals your heart will take in. But Georgie will always be your girl and nothing will ever replace that just like Patrick is my boy and Butch was Sheila's and nothing will ever change that.

You are making me cry because now I miss Scotty. Another cat may eventually find my home but I will never find another Scotty Potty.


Chris Thomas

Nicole - opening your heart to a dog who needs you will only help you to heal. I really hope you enjoy your evening.


She's beautiful Nicole, and she is still with you & will be happy that you are sharing your heart with Ozzie. I'm so happy Ozzie gets a sleepover, and one with popcorn & movies... it just doesn't get much better


Anniversaries of the loss of our wonderful animals are always difficult; and new beginnings are comforting but in no way diminish the love we have for the one who is gone. I'm so sorry for your loss and the sorrow you still feel.

I know Ozzie will have a blast at her sleepover, and loves the one-on-one attention and nurturing she receives from you.

And, like you, I have found Saints to be an incredible place of solace and comfort and to add meaning to my life that I never, ever anticipated. I hope it can eventually help your friend, too...and in doing so help the wonderful critters at the sanctuary. It's a symbiotic relationship that has no parallel.


share the tears why don't ya...jeez nicole it's barely 9 am and you have me crying already! i bet oz will love supertroopers (whatever that is???)