Rescue Journal

I am not looking, but the phone is still ringing

Alison  ·  Aug. 26, 2006

There are 2 more senior dogs in the is an old bassett with health issues (eye/ears?), I just got the phone message but haven't talked to the staff yet as i am on 12 hour shifts this weekend and they are closed when i leave and closed when I get home again. Also there is an old, blind and crippled shepx at a different pound that needs some help too....too many old ones, not enough places for them to go. I find it all so very sad. But we are too full. No more can come here til either some of ours find homes or fosters or sadly, until some of them pass away. I don't think any animal deserves to die homeless. But for the ones who have survived for time untold, for the ones who lay facing a barren and lonely end to a barren and lonely life; these ones, I think should feel some light of compassion and caring before they pass. If they don't, all they will remember is a lifetime of nothing. How can we let that be their ending? Maybe that was their beginning, and maybe it followed them through out their lives and right up to their end, but never should it follow them to their very last breath. It hurts me, it hurts us all.



Yes, but not a good enough job keeping her heart closed or her mouth shut.....or I wouldn't have an extra furry body at my place tonight!
Next time blind fold her, too - she peeked!


leila and i are going to meet the old shepherd this morning and see if he might be a fit for a new foster home who has volunteered. i am going to keep my eyes closed and let leila look at him.


I hope these guys received some help.... I don't know how you do it Carol, to haer of all those that need a place to go, what kind of a world are we really living in. I met Phillip this week-end & fell in love, he is a handsome dog & must really have been a looker when he was young & buff. I'm hoping his weight is just neglect & not something more serious.