Rescue Journal

Phoebe's first group run

Alison  ·  Aug. 31, 2006

Phoebe was at the old site so everything here is new to her. She knows a few of the long term dogs, but the majority of them are strangers. And Carl certainly wasn't here when she was either. She took one look at him and ran, and Carl who had never seen anything move as fast as the red whirling wonder was in hot pursuit. I am not sure who was faster, but Phoebe bee-lined into the front seat of the van (I was unloading hay) and stayed there til Carl went to bed. I opened the front door and tried to coax her out but she said "no thank you, I will wait here". I left her there and started heading across the field with the dogs when all of a sudden she came flying past, I guess she changed her mind. I quickly backtracked to the van to shut the door, but by the time I got there, she was sitting in the front seat again. On the third try, I finally got the door shut so we could move on. Phoebe made Tyra mad when she tried to steal the 8 foot branch that Tyra was hauling around and whacking everybody with, and Cole for some reason decided Andy was being bad and chased him back into the yard, Andy was upset and sat by the gate and wouldn't join us out for the run again. I told Cole that wasn't very nice but he didn't care because Spritely and Gideon's hoof shavings were littered in the field and he had just found them. Phebers found a hole in the fence wire and slipped out of the field, she tried to come back as soon as I called her but apparently she can only fit thru one particular four inch square and not the thousands of others so I had to walk all the way back up to the gate to let her back in. I put all the dogs back into the yard but Phoebe had disappeared, she was sitting next to the van door because I guess she has appointed herself the van's parking attendent and knew we could not leave it parked in the field. So, Frodo and Phoebe hopped in and drove back up to the house with me. Phebes thinks she is pretty darn special and can do whatever she darn well pleases. She is probably right. Prima Donna numero uno has landed.



Isn't it nice to know that some things never change. Welcome back Phebster.


That I have got to see... it took 3 of us to attach the new leash , & remove the old one while standing in Tim Hortons parking lot when we picked her up .. although she was extremely happy to see Carol & bouncing all over the place .


lol...i would like to see you guys just try to stick a tutu on her...a happy go lucky beagle she ain't. anyway, if you do try, make sure i am on a day off so i can watch.


we had a tutu at the garage sale that no one would let me keep. i told you we would need it.


I met the whirling dervish today - she certainly has a good set of lungs......I think she might even outshout Copper. She's very pretty - but talk about high energy!!! Makes Ed look like he's standing still.

Tell her if she keeps slipping out of the fence, I will make her a daisy collar like copper's! Or maybe the prima donna would prefer a tutu???