Rescue Journal

The very best things about work parties...

Alison  ·  Sep. 3, 2006

is the getting together of old and new friends.

the really good food that always tastes better when someone else made (or bought) it...(some of us don't cook)

the happy tiredness of the animals by the end of the day when they had their fill up of love, treats, feeling special and participating in all the comings and goings and everything in between.

and...the projects that finally get done...thx everyone...the blackberry bushes were going to poke out somebody's eye, spritely's stall was a danger to her bad leg, the feilds are healthier with the horses poop scooped, the dog's sun room looks and feels so much better with freshly washed walls and windows (altho those freaking flies are back again!!!) and i always feel better once the weekly dump run is done.

thank you for spending your sunday making our sunday a really nice day. ed said he had a good time, phoebe loves feeling special, and saul is STILL waiting under the picnic table for us all to come back again.



i was giving you the benefit of the doubt...besides i don't like camping either, but i think the dogs will, so buck up babe and join us...misery likes company and so do the dogs. i will bring down one of the dog beds for you to sleep on...if it fits jazz, it will fit you.


Can you believe Carol had to ask if I was going camping or not - she wasn't sure from my post. And I never in my whole life liked camping.


LOL - I used to be Carol, used to be. Now I like my comfy trailer. But I can still light a mean fire by rubbing two sticks together - as long as both the sticks are matches. And I can sing rowdy songs and eat gooey burnt marshmallows with the best of them!


Heheheheh - by the 29th of September it probably won't be "so dry" - we'll probably be camping in the rain...and the swamp....and the cold....and the dark...and rescuing dogs from the mud at 3 AM (the ones that wake up when they hear me crawl out of my sleeping back for nature's call).


yes you are being a wuss.
if we are having a campfire wouldn't it be better to wait till it's not so dry.


Hmmmmmm...I only just noticed this thread. I see Charley's included. I used to love camping and backpacking in the wilderness. I still love camping in my trailer with the bathroom close at hand. But the older I get, the less enthusiastic I am about sleeping in a tent on the cold ground in a bug-infested meadow with no facilities nearby, necessitating a walk in the dark up the hill at 3 AM, setting off the woodeling beagle (and at my age holding it all night is NOT an option). Are we allowed to come for the banana boats and s'mores and campfire, but then go home to sleep in our own beds? Am I being a wuss??


mo, friday is the 22nd.
who is coming?
carol, are you 'free' on the 29th?


For you Nicole, we'll move it to a Friday.. but the following week ... does that work for you ? I'm heading over to Denman Island on the Friday the 23, back on Saturday.


is there any way we could do a friday night?
i have soccer at 10am in east van almost every sunday morning. i would be fine leaving at 730am, but everyone else might not enjoy that.


barf to the bananas, just give me the about saturday, sept 23rd?...i am fine tuning the dog blind dogs, no deaf dogs (i am not chasing those guys thru field and muddy pond in the middle of the night)and no dumb dogs either (that is to eliminate tally who will wreck the tent)...i was thinking of patrick, chase, tyra, lexie, ozzie, cole, phil, charley, roxy and whats-his-name (sorry mo...i have a headache)...oh, LEVI 


Was it the story I told you about how I couldn't stay in the cabin that didn't have its own bathroom that made it so easy for you to figure out that I would really be trying to figure out how to take my bed.


Ha Ha ... Sheila I have pictures in my head of what you look like planning an overnighter camping at SAINTS.... Hmmmm how do I fit my bed into the back of my vehicle, which pillow shall I take ... where will the dogs fit....

I really want a camping night... we can make smores & chocolate bananna boats & tell ghost stories around the campfire ... oh takes me back to my youth...

Chris Thomas

Yes it was great to meet everyone! Angelina and I were completely taken by Phoebe. Ed's almost escape from his room is very creative for a blind dog!!!


Sorry I missed the work party (not) well just a little bit cause I missed out FOOD and meeting people.

I want to see Saul STILL waiting under the picnic table.


I'm always impressed at how well the children behave with so much going on. I know they had a lovely time visiting and all the extra treaties were so very exciting for them to!!!
Perhaps they should have picnics more often... :)


What a great day & the lower field is ready for the camp out.. I can hardly wait... Kudos to all for the hard work & GREAT food. My guys are so crashed, Levi is not even getting up when I open the fridge.


It was a great day....and nice to meet some people I hadn't met before!....But Carol, next time could you please arrange for the temperature to be just a little bit cooler????? Wow was it HOT out there!