Rescue Journal

The Ripple Effect

Alison  ·  Sep. 5, 2006

One of the most valuable things I have learned in life is the ripple effect. There is absolutely NOTHING that we ever do or say that does not trickle onward and effect something or someone, somewhere else. This Blog, and the thoughts we write, may one day settle in someones heart who sees an old dog or cat in a cage in a shelter, and maybe that old caged soul will find a home. Maybe someone else will take an hour or two out of their busy week and volunteer some time to help others in their homeless journey. Maybe a case of friskies will make it to a shelter who has an angry cat, or maybe an incontinent dog will not lose it's home. Not all ripples are happy ripples. Sometimes the things we write, may make others mad. And their anger trickles outwards creating doubt and discontent. The thing about ripples is they may not go and do what we intend. and we have to be aware and accept the risk of this.

When making decisions for the animals, it is so hard not to get caught up in the fairy tale ending. If we put the cart before the horse, and the story endings becomes more important, then we have pretty much guaranteed that the ending will be a lie. Our decisions have to be based upon today and right now and not a dream we want to be. And with each and every decision, we need to plot the course of the ripples as they fan away. Like Honey and Ozzie, who are mere weeks away from storming the doors of Nicole's family home and becoming permanent fixtures that will be there til the end. We all know it is coming, Nicole knows it too, and so does her family. You would think that when the hope and faith of crippled and blind and incontinent dogs becomes reality, that the ripple effect will all be good. It won't. Nicole will on some days feel the burden of the love and responsibilty of them, and she will some days be torn between their needs and ours. She will one day have the glorious heart of hers broken when they pass from this life to the next. And the final dream come true for Ozzie and Honey will mean that little Mellie will lose another friend. Mellie loves Honey, Honey is her friend, and her safety net and her anchor in the storm. It is the fly bitten tips of Honey's ears that she so gently cleans, and it is Honey's body who she wraps up against to feel warm.

Leila told me last night that she became involved with SAINTS because of the stories I told years ago of Brew, and Sophie and Copper. When Brew died, i got an email from a stranger, telling me that because of Brew, she had adopted a senior from her local shelter and was in love. There are good people who will never come here because someone they know does not like what I write. The pond that the dogs love to swim in has shrunk to a mere puddle of mud, because there is still no rain. The neighbors may get irritated with us because I am late home from work and the donkeys are screaming their dismay. Wee Hopeful Bug, a tiny and sick little dying cat spawned the birth of SAINTS. And I, because I loved and lost a dog as a child, can never turn my face away. The dogs led me to cats, and the cats to rabbits, and the rabbits to horses and chickens and llamas. Buzzy's loss, brought an army of gain.

The ripples can drown us or they can gently carry us to the safety of shore. Each time I see the end of the ripple effect, I have a moment of ...Ahhh. I try to predict the outcome, but sometimes it is not what I supposed. When Ozzie and Honey finally go home forever, I am hoping that the ripples will gently and lovingly carry Mellie to a home of her own. But that we won't know for awhile, and that is the problem with ripples, sometimes you just can't see how far they go.



nope..i ate every single one...mmmmmm! there is still the vegie tray tho, i haven't touched that yet!


NO FAIR!!! I've been out of water for nearly two darn weeks, and now I have 1100 gals sitting in a tank that isn't connected...and won't be until Thursday at the earliest (and only then if my landlord figures out how to put in a particular connection without letting all the water come flooding out.....all to save a plumber's bill....GRRR).

But as for the ripple effect - I'm glad Kathy offered before I opened my mouth to say I'd take her experience with the ripple effect is that I take in a foster and my own dog goes into a major sulk. Today she shredded stuff in my office just to voice her discontent.

I hope you have some chocolate brownies left over there, Carol...I need some.


ratz...could have used $5...speaking of ripples, the well is full again, whaahoo! ran out on sunday night, they couldn't deliver til thursday but someone was smilin on SAINTS today, and they managed to squeeze us in. i don't care if it is a waste, and i don't care if there is a ripple effect or not...tonight i am having a good, long hot bath!!!!


the ripple effect is already working...kathy is taking mellie home to foster after her surgery for her long recovery process between the two mammory surgeries,,,wanna bet 5 bucks she stays there til adoption?


I'm happy & sad about this all at the same time...SAINTS is always doing that to me.. I feel sadness when a dog arrives & is frightened & confused or emaciated & has obviously sufferred at the hands of humans, but after a few days when I see them coming out of their shell & wagging their tail & greeting me at the gate with a wag of a tail and a woof saying hurry up & come pet me... I feel so happy that they have joined the ranks of the SAINTS Crew & will know love & treats & soft words & gentle pets.

We must find Mellie her perfect home, she is a sweet sweet girl who has lost enough already.