Rescue Journal

Luka Duka Update

Sheila  ·  Sep. 8, 2006

You know how you guys said Luke looked good last week. I just thought you forgot how he looked. Well he went to the vets today and he got weighed .... and he weighed in at 83.4 pounds. He has so slowly being loosing weight since April (when he weighed in at 94 pounds) that I guess we didn't notice it. Since the beginning of January Luke has lost an amazing 30 lbs. Bad news is that limp he has is arthritis in his elbow. Good news is that he didn't fall off the deck and hurt himself (which is what I kept thinking because the limping just came on out of nowhere). Sad news is he won't be able to do the 2km walk on Sunday. Good news is that he can still do the games. We did a practise run yesterday and that bobbing for wieners I thought Luke would be a whiz at - turns out he isn't. He started to drink the water and it took him forever to figure out that there were wieners in the water. How do you think we will do in the Simon says game?



yeah for the weightloss, boo for arthritis.
30lbs! you guys do need to take Copper for a few weeks and slim him down.
make sure to take photos of luke at the games.