Rescue Journal

Murphy is here

Alison  ·  Sep. 8, 2006

He had his neuter and dental, he is deaf, his eyesight is poor, his kidneys aren't great and he has arthritis. We have started him on metacam so he should feel better in a few days. The staff at the clinic very kindly combed out bags of undercoat from him. This saves sending him to the groomer while he is still adjusting to all the changes he has to get used to, that was very thoughtful of them. I put him in the bedroom/hallway because Phoebe is a moron when greeting new dogs...she thinks rolling the little ones around like a basketball is fun, they don't. Phebes is mad that I won't let her back there to say hi to the new guy. Not likely, she's not getting near him except on the other side of the gate til she forgets he is new. Murphy is so sweet, you just know he is terrified and can't figure out what the heck just happened to his little world, and yet he comes up to me when I am laying on the floor with him, and gives the most quietly, shy kisses on the tip of my nose. He is a sweet, sweet dog with a gentle heart and he really needs a home of his own as quick as we can find him one.



Poor little Murphy, being at Saints will be quite a change from living with one elderly woman. He'll adjust though and find his place within the ranks until someone offers him a home. He was lucky to land with you!!!


you have an amazingly loving heart my friend, the children know it and respond so well. That's why even when thier world suddenly becomes something they never even thought possible, the do accept it in a state of grace.