Rescue Journal

The significance of the number 50 in rescue.

Alison  ·  Sep. 12, 2006

People who are not actively involved in rescue may not know the significance of the number 50 in the work that we do. Some of the 50's are good things and some of them are not.

The Good Things...$50 vet bills (rarely happen), $50 donations, 50 hour work weeks, and 50 volunteers (we are still waiting for this)

The Not-so-good Things...50 hour work days, 50 pound bags of feed/litter (why do they always weigh 50 pounds!?) 50 feral cats trapped (when you only expected 5) and 50 breeding rabbits (when you were told there were only 10) 50 kittens all at once during kitten season. The 50 pound adoption limit (it is easier to find a home for a dog who weighs 50 pounds or less) Even when you go to pick up something little (like 2 pounds of Recoverexx for the barn ) it costs $50, 50 litres of gas that only lasts less than a week and costs more than a buck a litre, 50 times a month that someone calls you the cat, or dog lady (this sort of bugs me), 50 phone calls or emails, or one phone call that takes 50 minutes and 50 things you have forgotten to do.

there are more but i still have 50 animals to feed so I better stop now.

i think i will keep adding to this til i hit 50 things or i turn 50 years old, whichever comes first.