Rescue Journal

Coming home is the best part of the day - and other random thoughts

Jean  ·  Sep. 15, 2006

I pulled into the driveway today after nearly 12 hours away (thanks Carol and/or Nicole for checking on the dogs), and the first thing I noticed was Martin the alpaca - right at the barn door! This is the first time he has been near that door, despite my attempts to bribe him closer in preparation for winter. He was happily munching the grass in the area. But I'd like to think he was watching for my return from the best vantage point he could access.

When I opened the door to the house, Isaac literally pranced down the hall, woofing, play bowing, butt wiggling, tail high and wagging a mile a minute. That was just the best welcome home ever!

An update on Isaac: Isaac has been doing very well since we put him on some pain medication; he is still wobbly and sometimes falls over, but he is much less restless, more alert, and is no longer growling and snapping at Charley or Allie. And he now eats his food enthusiastically. I just wish he didn't think 4:45 AM was the perfect time for breakfast! It's one thing to get up to let him out for a pee; but when he then plods noisily around the house and incessantly woofs and bumps his food bowl with his nose while I'm trying to squeeze in a few more minutes of shut-eye, well sometimes I'm tempted to give him just a little more codeine than the vet recommended.

Isaac! Tomorrow's Saturday - don't you dare wake me up that early! Three mornings in a row is quite enough!

And just after I came home I got an up close look at momma bear and THREE rapidly growing cubs as they played in the field right across from the house.



I should add...Isaac didn't wake me up looking for his breakfast at 4:45 AM today.....he decided 3:30 AM was a much better time. If this keeps up, I just may swap him for Jack, who likes to get up about noon!