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Copper gets published!

Jean  ·  Sep. 15, 2006

Copper told his story to the new Abbotsford/Mission paper last week and it was published today under the heading "SAINTS welcomes new columnist". Only thing is, they put his byline as "By Cougar. Special to the Post".

Cougar?????Cougar?????? He begins the column by saying Hi there! My name is Copper......

I will put the column up on the bulletin board at Saints. Copper even got his sweet lovable picture in the paper (the dreamy one from the website).

I think Carol and I are now obligated to helping each of the animals introduce themselves over coming weeks. They also printed a little blurb I'd written about saints (Carol helped Copper with his column), and provided our website address.

For those of you in Abby and Mission, it is on page 11 of the post - it's a quarter page item - not bad, huh??

Way to go Copper. Whose next?



what rae? when a blind, frail, little pug named wilbur got choked with the blind, deaf and not so little jazz when she couldn't hear him as he told her to move "yer oafish butt out of the way of the food bowl!" and he decided to make that the kind of quiet wisdom you want to hear from him?


I don't think there's too many animals at Saints who DON'T have something to say.
I'm sure Wilber could make some excellent observations about life at SAINTS.
Personally, I'm looking forward to hearing some of the critters tell stories about Carol! (heheheh...insert evil laugh here).


I think quiet little Wilber probably has some words of wisdom for us all don't ya think?


Phoebe has just spoken and she will be watch for the next issue of the Post!


Hi there! My name is Copper and they call me the "Evil Beagle" at SAINTS. This is not true. I am fun and those humans know it too! They spent almost a week goofing around with paints and foam to turn me into a daisy so I couldn't escape through the fence anymore. I am sure they had way more important things to do like wash the floors, scoop the yards, and pay the bills. But no, they wasted a whole week to dress me up like a demented daisy and wreck my fun. I can't get out of the fence right now, although I will get out of the fence again as soon as I figure out how to ditch the stupid flower. They should call me something nice, like Mr. Sunshine, since they had so much fun at my expense.
Oh well, the game is on, and I will win again, because beagles always do. And when I do get free the next time, all they are going to see instead of that little yellow daisy is my happy little tail, waving goodbye as I bugger off down the road.

Further information on the animals at SAINTS can be found on their website:


That's awesome everyone!! Is it possible to post the text or link to the column so those of us that live outside the area can read it too? Pretty please? :-)

Caroline (mcjd)

I did it too ! Looking at poor Copper's picture and knowing that this gorgeous independent creature is forced to wear a daisy has me all mixed up too,lol lol.
The correction will be from Cougar to Copper . There, now I have it right too.Mike actually told me it's not Copper instead of Cowboy , it's Copper instead of Cougar ! Mind you, we both think that if Copper manages to get out without that darn daisy around his neck you can call him whatever you want,he'd just keep on going down that road,lol lol.


Mike the Editor tried so hard not to laugh at Copper's indignance that he accidentally put Cowboy in the headline. Watch for a correction in next week's issue. In the meantime, who's getting the next word ??
You humans better behave cause now the poor innocent SAINTS have a platform , lol lol lol



she actually would like to address the daisy incident, she says she unfairly gets blamed for everything and copper ASKED her to get it off him, she was just being helpful.


I thought Phoebe might have something to say. In fact she started to dictate to me last night, but her shrill barking got on my nerves and I couldn't hear her thoughts any more.
Besides I'm still mad at her over the daisy collar episode, so she'll have to get you to type it instead.


hmm...who is next? so many of them have so much to say...i think carl or maybe ozzie might want to share some of their thoughts. we'll see, ed and phoebe might have a few things on their minds too. the possibilities are endless.