Rescue Journal

updating the updates

Alison  ·  Sep. 19, 2006

peter's heart is fried, we will try vetmedin for a few days, but it is only a temporary fix at best. the vet says if this doesn't work, it is just too much work for him to keep going, and we will have a hard bridge to cross by the weekend, she also said he may just go on his own without warning. i will not even THINK about that one yet. we went to macdonalds on the way home and i let him have four french fries cuz those are his favorite.

i heard bill crying in the back of the clinic when we left, he didn't want to stay there. sorry bill.

poppy is supposedly on his way here, he was due to arrive by 630 or so, and pippa's maybe new mom, is checked into her hotel and heading on up here. mission is a LONG drive from saskatchewan!



he is amazing isn't he chris, such a little man...we thought we had lost him several months ago when he got so sick with kennel cough that he had picked up at the pet fair late last fall (i cannot believe i was so stupid to take him there!) and then one day, one more accupuncture treatment, and poof, months of debilitating coughing were done...maybe he has another good poof in him yet!


I'm so sorry to hear about Peter's prognosis Carol. I was so hoping I was going to get down to see him once more. I haven't stopped thinking about him since I left your drive that day. And I will never, ever, ever, ever, as long as I live, forget snuggling with him on the couch that evening. What a sweet little man with a wonderful old soul.
Sending positive thoughts out into the universe for him and for Bill and for you my friend.


thx jean and rae... and i wouldn't hold out too much hope for a match made in heaven between pippa and diane...pippa is not a happy camper, apparently she is not interested in making new friends and i bet she is pretty choked that she is going for a sleep over to diane's hotel. diane is to call me if pippa gets too distressed and i will go down and get her...
diane seemed drawn to daisy tho too, maybe tomorrow if pippa still isn't happy, diane might bond with someone daisy or murphy!


I'm sorry the news on Peter wasn't better - I know how much he means to you, Carol. He's in my thoughts (and you, too).
I'm as near as the phone if you need anything.


Wow all the way from Sask. now she must really be interested!!!! I hope it goes well for Pippa!!!!

It's been a really shitty week at Saints hasn't it Carol and it isn't even half over yet. I agree with Peter the french fries at McDonalds are good. Tell him I'll bring some on Sunday if he'll stick around! I'm sending lots of good thoughts your way and healing prayers for old Bill and Peter too.